“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain,…”

Hebrews 6:19, NIV

The eighth window in the design series for new windows at Liberty UMC, is complete.

The upper nine panels, completing the upper arched portion of the window with the distinctive cross arm, were installed first. The lower three, larger panels were the final part of the installation. Thank you to everyone who helped with the newest addition to the beautiful window project!

The cross beam intersection, featured in the upper arch portion, includes an anchor, returning our attention to the inspiration verse from Hebrews; Our Lord and Savior is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls.

Titled “Children Are a Heritage From The Lord”- the design is installed next to “Hearts of the Fathers” and will complete the windows visitors and members see when coming into the Sanctuary from Liberty School Road.

While completing work on the current window install some frame repair work was completed in anticipation of future windows and structural integrity of the current window panes, along with some staining touch-ups in the Sanctuary. We have a great group of volunteers at Liberty UMC!

If you want to really appreciate the scale of work involved in producing each one of the beautiful works of art that make up the windows in the series, a copy of the pattern master for the lower three window panels is available for viewing during the monthly tour on the second Saturday of each month. During the early production stages of work a full-size pattern is taped over the existing window panels in order to check the image sizing and give both members and visitors a glimpse of the future, just a snapshot.

The future…

Details for the remaining windows will continue to be updated as each design is finalized and moves forward. The general outline for the remaining windows gives us all something to look forward to! The remaining Sanctuary windows are estimated for completion by 2032.

Window # 9 – “Care For Those in Need” – An image depicting a single mother and child with the verse inspiration “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3

Window # 10 – “Faithful Service to God” – Concept design is two men working to serve. The intersection symbol may be the chalice and bread of Communion.

Window # 11 – “Love for Our Elders” – Design elements may include one or two elders with a younger person, a particularly fitting design theme for a church with over a century of history moving faith forward from one generation to the next.

Windows # 12 and # 13 are the two windows directly opposite the front entrance and the design plan is to bring the family of God back to focus on Him (these two windows face the Jesus Welcomes window beside the entry way). These windows will depict several children praising God with raised arms in one window, “Praise the Lord”, paired with it’s matching window with several adults in prayer and holding a book, “We Worship and Pray”.

Window # 14 has no design as yet. This window is not seen from the Sanctuary (located behind the alter curtains), but is seen on the west side of the building with Windows # 12 and #13 from the exterior.

There is an additional arched transom window inside the old entryway also not seen from the Sanctuary. This entrance was ‘closed’ as the primary entrance to the church following a widening of Highway MC85. The access way was deemed less safe with the roadway improvement and the area is being converted to an emergency exit for the building.

One possible design consideration for the emergency exit might show a group of pioneers traveling along in silhouette in front of a sunset/sunrise in honor of the early settlers of Liberty and Buckeye. Perhaps an appropriate design, casting our blessings on those modern travelers who pass our location day by day.