Looking for something from the recent past? As seasons change, so must the webpage for Liberty United Methodist Church. But there are some events we want to linger over for a bit longer. Beginning in 2023 Special Events and other Liberty UMC memories are archived here.

Celebrating Mothers and Fathers 2023

Thank you to everyone who helped with the breakfast celebrations for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The ladies appreciated the wonderful decorations and delightful breakfast. The Father’s Day casseroles were outstanding and decorations were truly inspired!

Easter 2023

Special Thanks:

We would like to extend a special, and heartfelt, “Thank You!” to everyone who donated Lilies for the Easter Celebration:

Lilies were given In Fond Memory for the following:

Aunt Mary and Uncle Gordon, Bruce Lehr, Mihoko Frazier and The Parents of Pete and Yoshiko F., Robert Schultz, Aunt Hope and Uncle Don, Jeff Barrier, Dean and Rita Apt, John Solan, Ron Pond, Parents of Nona and Frank C., The Family Members of Linda H., John and Kay Delagrange, Catherine Ann Grimes, DebrLynn Ingersoll , Cathy Doyle, Joel and Eleanor Bomgaars, Pamela Way, The Loved Ones of Terry and Phyllis C., Holly Shadley, Earle and Vit Carpenter, Hazel Carpenter, Donald Ellis, Ken and Patricia Miller, and Lillian Muller

Lilies were given in Honor of the following:

Blake Blenman, Ruth Schultz, and Liberty United Methodist Church.

Our Easter Celebrations would not have been complete without the traditional floral cross procession to begin our service. Thank you to Beati, Zachary, Xavier and all the members of the congregation for your part in making this beautiful floral offering part of our Easter services.

The celebration of Easter has been an important part of worship at Liberty United Methodist Church for many years. The ladies of the congregation prepare the cross with sprays of eucalyptus on Holy Saturday. Early on Easter Sunday parishioners bring donations of flowers to overlay the fragrant greenery, preparing the cross for the processional into the church sanctuary marking the start of our Easter Celebration!

Easter Cross 2019

LENT 2023

Did you hear the news? The news is out! Wait?!? What news? The Liberty Lenten Lantern!

Over the Sundays of Lent 2023 the Sunday School Class participated in an Escape Room event. Learning geo-navagation skills, using a Concordance, becoming ‘master code breakers’, the youth at Liberty UMC discovered clues, followed where they lead and learned about Passover, the foundation event of our Great Thanksgiving/Communion, and why we observe the Season of Lent each year. Several of the clues were hidden in the Special Editions of the newsletter created for this class series, The Liberty Lenten Lantern.